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Grant Program Overview

New: 2013 Request for Proposals Now Available

To advance its mission of reducing the occurrence, morbidity and mortality associated with PML, the PML Consortium sponsors research into PML and the John Cunningham Virus (JCV). The Consortium announces requests for proposals in the fall of each year. General areas of interest are as follows; more specific areas of interest may be included in individual requests for proposals.

Investigators may apply through a two-step proposal process, which is described in the Requests for Proposals and listed below. Projects awarded funding will be supported for a period of two years. Successful programs that meet scientific milestones may be invited to request continued funding through an expedited review and decision process. Investigators outside of the JCV/PML field are also encouraged to apply. Preliminary data is not a requirement for consideration.

Download the RFP

2013-2014 Program Timeline

RFP Available at www.pmlconsortium.org

October 2013

Phase I Proposal Deadline

February 14, 2014

Decisions on Phase I Proposals announced

March 31, 2014

Phase II Proposal Deadline (if applicable)

May 23, 2014

Decisions on Phase II Proposals announced

July 31, 2014

Negotiation of Research Agreements

July – November 2014

New Research Begins

Upon completion of agreement, est. November 2014