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The PML Consortium is undertaking a variety of research, clinical, regulatory and communications activities that are designed to contribute to its vision. The Consortium is also building collaborations with the scientific, medical, patient and regulatory communities.

Academic Collaborative Research Network

To increase knowledge about PML, the Consortium is funding a variety of academic research projects. Researchers supported by the Consortium are investigating the following topics.


The basic etiology of PML


All funding awardees participate in regular JCV/PML discussion forums and workshops to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. As the results of their research become available, they will be shared appropriately with the public through publications and research symposia.

Clinical Database

The Consortium has built a clinical database to enable members to pool demographic information, clinical information and brain images in a way that allows researchers to carry out more innovative and thorough research into PML and its causes.


The Clinical Working Group has also published a review article, "“Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy: Current Treatment Options and Future Perspectives”, in Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders.  The full article can be accessed for free following registration at the journal's website.

Scientific Advisory Board and Patient Advisors

To provide a forum for members of the scientific and medical communities to offer input on the Consortium, the Consortium has assembled a Scientific Advisory Board composed of invited experts who can speak to the scientific and medical aspects of PML.


The Scientific Advisory Board provides feedback and advice on all Consortium research activities, insights into advancements in the scientific and medical communities, and assists the Consortium in disseminating information about PML to these communities. In particular, Advisory Board members are encouraged to suggest activities that the Consortium should take into account and helps the Consortium to remain aware of developing issues related to PML.


The Consortium is also working with patient advisors, including individuals from patient associations, to keep patient communities informed of the Consortium’s progress and obtain their input on its initiatives.