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Talking with Patients

PML is a rare condition, in the general population, that requires careful monitoring and active physician participation in a care plan. Research suggests that careful medical attention can help detect PML symptoms early and may improve outcomes. If you have a patient with a condition that predisposes them to an increased risk of PML or who have been prescribed a medicine whose label indicates an increased risk of PML, it is critical to maintain an open dialogue with your patient, among other vigilance.


Image: Talking with PatientsWhen prescribing a medication with a PML risk warning, it is important to talk with your patient about the risk of PML and to be fully educated about the programs available to help patients and families monitor any potential PML-related symptoms. This information is available from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that produce the products. Some of these prescription medicines are only available through restricted distribution programs to help manage the risk of PML.


When talking with your patient, you may:

When monitoring potential symptoms indicative of PML, it is important to talk to your patient to establish baseline conditions and then create a program to monitor any changes.


When talking with your patient, you may:

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