Kratom Stories From America

We asked in our survey of 100 consumers, what is their recommendation for the strongest kratom capsules you can buy online. We did interview 50 senior citizens using kratom products

“I am a 43 year old woman with mild cerebral palsy from brain injury at birth, and an autoimmune disease which is on the 50 on the Lupus spectrum. I am married, work in construction management and am a professional violinist and videographer. Kratom helps me alleviate my chronic pain and fatigue symptoms. Before Kratom, I took a number of prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants, but they left me very groggy and dizzy. I also developed gastritis from the overuse of narcotic pain pills, so I had to stop. It was difficult to be fully functional at work, at home and socially. I felt as though I was in too much pain to be engaged with the world. I became depressed and withdrawn from life. I found this very informative kratom podcast that gave me hope and fortunately, a friend introduced me to Kratom. It is a supplement that alleviates my chronic pain and fatigue to a level where I can now be more active and involved. It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I recently started going to the gym to make my body even stronger now that the pain has been lifted enough for me to do walking physical activity. I have increased my work hours and my dark outlook on life has brightened. I am much happier and healthier overall. Please do not ban kratom supplements that allow me, and so many people like me, to function in a fuller, more productive way. ” Wilma G.

I am a 55 yr old wife, mother of 5 and grandmother to 4. Raised in an abusive home, I went on to an abusive relationship that lasted 8 very long years. I have suffered 31 bone breaks, including multiple facial trauma, cervical & spinal fractures, seizures, tremors, was in a coma for 11 days from a beating and hospitalized for several days from being stabbed repeatedly. As a result, I suffered migraines that could not be treated successfully, nerve damage that affects my arms and hands which forced me to leave my job as a make up artist. Fourteen years ago I was rear ended by a large truck and pushed into oncoming traffic that put me in physical therapy for over a year, I never re-gained all my movement or strength and added to my chronic pain. I went to several pain management specialists and each told me there was no hope for recovery and all they could do was try to manage my pain. I have been on Fentanyl, oxycontin, Methotrexate, percocet, codeine, Tylenol 3, Flexeral, Antivert, Dilantin, Lyrica and others plus multiple shots of cortizone, steroids and nerve blocks in an effort to relieve my chronic pain. None of them really worked; they either left me sleepy, unable to focus, feeling anxiety or just plain made me sick. To add insult to injury, I also found myself on other drugs to combat the side effects of high blood pressure, nausea, IBS, mouth blisters, blurry vision and more caused by the prescription drugs meant to help. Then, about 5 years ago I found kratom. To be honest, I didn’t expect much but I did want to get off ALL the medications or at least as many as possible. Kratom has changed my life; all by itself. I am clean of any Rx drugs and rely solely on Kratom now and even though I am not 100% pain free, I am 100% chemical free and that alone changed my life. The best part of Kratom is that I control my dosage, how much and when I take it and it is affordable even though it is not covered by insurance. If Kratom becomes illegal, my life is over. I am happy now, I can sleep most nights anyway and even though I still have to space out my work activities, at least now I can still travel to exotic places. Before Kratom, I felt like a prisoner in my home. Please do not take away my only lifeline to family, friends and a future.

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